About Superior Pools Inc.

About Superior Pools Inc.

Superior Pools has been serving Atlanta’s high-end residential pool market since 1994, with luxury and quality as priorities. Superior Pools is owned and managed by Bret Benninghoff. Bret takes special interest in the latest luxury pool trends, and is 1 of only 32 members of the national Society of Water Shape Designers, an organization devoted to the development of higher standards in swimming pool design and construction. Their projects are often featured in upscale publications such as Architectural Digest and Luxury Pools. Superior Pools has received over 50 international, national, and regional awards for design and construction.

For many homeowners, the pool building experience comes down to aesthetics & functionality – “how does it look and fit into the backyard environment”. The company’s thorough understanding of topography, engineering, style, balance and elegance allows it to create luxury water features and swimming pools that are pleasing to all the senses.


Superior Pools uses only the best craftsmen and materials to compliment their designs and finished products. As a leader in advanced pool technologies, Superior Pools designs and implements top of the line controls, cleaning systems, and sanitation devices.

Most Superior Pools use a combination of salt water with ozone generating systems to sanitize the pool and keep the water looking and feeling fresh and clean. Bret was one of the first in Atlanta to introduce this healthy and green alternative, which pays for itself in 2-3 years compared to traditional manufactured chlorine systems.

Not only can Superior Pools turn your backyard into a magical oasis; their professional service and maintenance department can keep your pool sparkling clean year round.

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Construction


The Newest Technology


High Quality Construction Management

Years Established

Custom Pools Designed and Built

“Each Superior Pool begins and ends with the dreams of our clients. It is where they will watch their children play, where they will enjoy the outdoors after a busy day at the office, it is where they will take that long exhale and enjoy a long moment of serenity. ”

Bret Benninghoff – Owner

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